Indication for antiviral treatment according to the EASL guidelines for the treatment of chronic HBV infection (EASL 2017).

HBeAg positive or
negative chronic
hepatitis B
and/or at least moderate liver necroinflammation or fibrosis
HBV DNA >20,000 IU/mL and ALT >2 x ULN regardless of fibrosis
HBeAg positive chronic infection30 years
HBV infection and cirrhosisAny detectable HBV DNA level
Family history of HCC or cirrhosis; extrahepatic manifestationsAny detectable HBV DNA level Treatment possible, even if typical indications not fulfilled
Special populations:
HBV infected individuals undergoing immunosuppressionHBsAg positive ETV or TDF or TAF as prophylaxis*
HBsAg negative, anti-HBc positiveNA prophylaxis if high risk of HBV reactivation*
HBV infection in pregnancy NA treatment if benefit outweighs risk**
ULN = upper limit of normal; *=for details see [Mallet 2016]; **for details see [EASL 2017]
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Dr. D.Zeqiraj medical doctor at QKUK- Pristina, department of Infectious disease.