Scoring systems for the assessment of individual risk of HCC development during long term treatment with NAs

ScorePatients evaluatedIncluded parametersCut off
CU-HCCAsian patients: 1005 in training and 424 in validation cohortAge, albumin, bilirubin, HBV DNA, cirrhosis597% NPV over 10 years
GAG-HCCAsian patients (n=820)Age, sex, HBV DNA, cirrhosis10199% NPV over 10 years
REACH-BAsian non-cirrhotic patients: 3584 in trainings and 1505 validation cohortAge, sex, ALT, HBV DNA, HBeAg status898% NPV over 10 years
PAGE-BEuropean patients: 1325 in training and 490 in validation cohortAge, sex, platelets<6100% NPV over up to 5 years
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Dr. D.Zeqiraj medical doctor at QKUK- Pristina, department of Infectious disease.